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Oct 25
GI Crushers is a North Italian manufacturer who has a rich history in producing crushers. Started from the years 60 originally with fixed installations the company produced his first mobile Crusher on tracks end the years 1989. Up till now they supply  a range from 8 machines from 22 until 56 tons operating weights.
mobile jaw crusher
mobile jaw crusher
The jaw crusher is fiited with a patented hydraulic system  with  a constant control over the pressure within the jaws of the crusher. This means in case of  any peak pressure within the crusherhousing no damage can be done to the bearings or the shaft of the mobile jaw, instead  the mobile jaw opens automatically . Also the feed material steam is adjusted according  the pressure inside the jaws. This pressure may depend on the different sort of material to be crushed.

The setting of the mobile jaw is full hydraulic an operated from the controlpanel. In case of contaminated recycling material as a piece of wood stuck between the jaws than you simply open the jaw to empty the crusherhousing within as matter of seconds while running so you will not  slow down the productionprocess of the machine
mobile jaw crusher
mobile jaw crusher
The direction of the moving jaw is reversible. This has two major advantages. So can you break asphalt (with fresh temperatures) and can also easily resolve an obstruction. All conveyors can be both left and right turning which  is also a great advantage to remove rebars and obstructions.
The headconveyor is equipped with an overload protection. Suppose that piece of iron hits trough the rubberband , this will stop moving before the pressure gets too high  and the rubber conveyor will so be protected against totalloss.

The crusher house is built so that there is still enough space between the crusher drop and conveyor as much as possible in order to avoid obstuctions and through the open structure of the welded tube chassis around the crusher discharge conveyor failure and possible obstructions are fast and easy to remove.
mobile jaw crusher
mobile jaw crusher
The machine is also equipped with an independent pre-screener. This is a  independent screenbox between the feeder and crusher which ensures that the maximum fines is removed from the breaking material before it enters the crusherhousing. This provides a very good preselection so that the  wear costs will be  much lower. The capacity of the breaker is therefore considerably higher ( 's 10-15%).

The machines are powered by a Caterpillar 6 cylinder diesel engine. Because this crusher is fully hydraulic driven by a  hydraulic pump with flow controller there is no engine overload which resulting in a lower fuel consumption and longer engine life.
The Gasparin Jaw crushers are very userfriendly and maintenance costs are significantly lower than the wear of a different type crusher.
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